Week 3 #IMMOOCB3

Ideas for Building Relationships with Students

  • Spend your first day of class with students doing a building challenge, group activity, or team-building activity- don’t read over the ‘rules’ or ‘syllabus’
  • Stand at the door and greet students for each class, every day
  • Say hi to students when you see them- in the halls, in the lunchroom, at the grocery store, on bus duty
  • Go to their events- games, matches, performances
  • Be excited to chaperone or be a part of their events, students can tell if you are happy to be there or not
  • Ask questions about student hobbies and interests, share about your own so students realize you really are a human being who exists outside of school
  • Do the things you expect your students to do
  • Admit when you make a mistake
  • Apologize to your students
  • and my favorite- laugh with your students. daily.

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