Week 3 #IMMOOCB2

Reading through the “What If” questions and which challenged my thinking on p. 117, I came up with the following:

What if we believed that everything that we had to make great schools was already within our organization, and we just needed to develop and share it? ”

What if we hired people who did not look at teaching as a “career” but as a “passion”?

I know that the first statement isn’t just talking about people, but all parts of the organization that is school.
However, when I got to the next statement that I listed above, about hiring people, my thinking kind of stopped.

In reading the blogs of others, some have shared that you have to stop holding onto status quo, we have to move forward. What do you do when part of your organization is teachers who view teaching as a job? They aren’t going anywhere, they hate change, and they don’t believe in your vision?

Is it possible for people to change, to go from ‘just a job’ to ‘this is my passion’? I know I know, “all you can do is share the message and connect with those who want to change”. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


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