Week 3 #IMMOOCB1

“School vs Learning by George Couros” image illustrated by Sylvia Duckworth.

Reading the descriptions for school, I related to many, it educational experience up through my Sophomore year of college. I knew how to play the ‘game of school’: show up, memorize, regurgitate, follow the rules, sit still, and be quiet.
So what changed my experience of School to Learning? A college professor who was passionate about learning, service, and authentic experiences. She expected us to have conversations, not unit tests, and we worked on a service learning project for the community based on our class content.

That moment in my educational career was like someone turning on a light bulb in a dark room. I could see things I never could before. Once I had experienced that, I was more inspired and self-driven. After that, even in traditional School classes, I was pushing myself to learn more on my own, to make it more applicable.

I also wonder what sets apart school from learning…. Is it the educators or administrators? Their mindsets? The students? The relationships?
Through whose lense are we looking?


One thought on “Week 3 #IMMOOCB1

  1. It would be my hope that years from now students look back at the time I was able to spend with them and remember how school become about learning and not just school. I vividly remember the teachers I had in school that made it more about life than school. Connecting school to life made it learning for me. Students deserve to be learning while at school and stop having to “play the game.”

    Well done!!


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