IMMOOC Week #2

I would like to reflect on the 8 characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset and how I exemplify this in my work… (teaching or leading).

The 8 Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset are:
1. empathetic
2. problem finders
3. risk-takers
4. networked
5. observant
6. creators
7. resilient
8. reflective

I feel that the characteristic I exemplify the most is that I am empathetic. I would actually consider myself an empath, someone who maybe has a little too much empathy. (I have a hard time not clapping for the other team when I’m at a game. I have a hard time attending sporting events because I feel awful for the team or player that isn’t doing well.)

I feel that being empathetic is my greatest strength & my biggest weakness. I relate really well to my students, I am kind to people I meet, and I am slow to judge. The reason for that is I am always thinking about how that other person feels. I think it is a strength because empathy helps me be a more observant and reflective educator. I say it is also my biggest weakness because I am always worried about the needs and feelings of others over my own. Since I have started working on being a more reflective & connected educator I have realized the bad habits that I have. In the past few years I have actually gotten better at saying “No.”even when I think about the stress or feelings of the other person.

In Chapter 2, page 49 of Innovator’s Mindset, I highlighted the following “Empathetic teachers think about the classroom environment and learning from the point of view of the student, not the teacher”. I really like this quote, and I can really relate to it.


3 thoughts on “IMMOOC Week #2

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Being empathetic is such a gift, and it’s one of the things I really like about myself. I have the same problem, though, with sometimes being TOO empathetic. I do believe there is a balance, it’s just hard to find. I’m impressed that you’ve started saying that word that is so hard for extremely empathetic people as well as teachers — NO. Have you found any strategies that help you draw those necessary lines for yourself?


    • Holly,
      I had to come up with a mental priority list. The things that I absolutely had to commit myself to. In that list I included my favorite school projects or things I did for kids, the things I needed time for at home, and my health. In the past I was sick a lot, tired, and crabby — because I just had too much going on. I’d rather be happy, healthy, and doing what I love, even if it means I have to say “No.” once in a while.

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