Share the Positive!!

On #sdedchat this month we talked about Random Acts of Kindness, and activities we can do with students and staff.

I really like the quote from George Couros “We need to make the positive so loud that the negative becomes almost impossible to hear.”
“Not Waiting for Tomorrow” by George Couros

What are some things that are happening at your school that help spread positive messages, encouragement and kindness?

In our staff lounge we have a bulletin board dedicated to above the line and below the line reminders and lots of positive quotes.

A staff member recently started a “You’ve been mugged” activity. Someone puts a mug full of treats into another teacher’s mailbox, with the directions and a note that says ‘you’ve been mugged’. The new person does the same thing, choosing a mailbox that doesn’t have the sign in it.
You’ve Been Mugged! {Spread Staff Sunshine}

At our school when someone is nominated for, or wins some type of award, there are staff members who send out e-mails to congratulate them.

Our administrator even sends out e-mails about things that went well for students and staff. For example, our students rocked the Science Fair recently, and admin thanked everyone involved for their work and effort.

What are things that you do at your school or things you’ve seen/heard about at other schools that help spread positive messages and kindness? 


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