National Customized Learning Summit


Opening Keynote “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Meaningful Educational Practices”
by Brad Wilson  @mrwilson142

Choose to be great.
1) Figure out what you want.
2) Learn how to achieve it.
3) Work hard to make it happen.

Every learner (adult or child) has the potential to be great. Let’s encourage others to figure out what they want, how they can get it, and encourage them as they work hard to make it happen. Do you encourage other educators to be great? How?

“Five Levers to Improve Learning: How to Prioritize for Powerful Results in Your School and District”
by James Rickabaugh   @drrickabaugh

“Best practice is effective practice when matched with student need.”

Remodeling the kitchen doesn’t make the food taste any better…

Each teacher sees his or her content and class through the eyes of his or her students. 
Each student sees him or herself as his or her own best teacher. 

In whatever you are pursuing in education, focus on the human element. As Dr. Rickabaugh stated, the teacher that a student will have the longest is themselves. Learners and learning should be at the core of our practices and decisions. 

“Starter Steps for Mass Customized Learning”
by Bea McGarvey    @BeaMcGarvey

A vision doesn’t push you, it pulls you.

Is this decision about LEARNING or control or convenience??

If it bothers you that kids are coming and going it is a teacher centered classroom.

Is your classroom learner-centered… or is it more focused on you, the educator? Do you make decisions about what would be best for your learners or is your convenience or control of a situation what helps you make decisions?

Overall, the messages I received or thoughts I focused on …

We have to move from compliance to commitment.
Stop giving zeroes, stop docking ‘points’ for late work….

Change your perspective to that of a learner in your room or your school…

Start to look at decisions you make or your school makes, is it about learners or control and convenience????

Everyone’s journey looks a little different, but with trust, support & hard work learners can be successful on this journey.

So what do I plan to do going forward?

As a single individual I can change my language and how I refer to learners and learning, I can incorporate and teach more about growth mindset and Habits of Mind, I can be honest about my beliefs on grading and the personalization I offer to students.

I also have at least 5 more books I want to add to my reading list…


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