#TIE16 learning

Last week was the 30th TIE Conference. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to present and was able to attend all 3 days of the conference. I wanted to share a few of my favorite things and what I learned.

Favorite Things

  • Being around passionate educators who are excited about learning
  • Seeing my friends from Harrisburg South Middle School
  • Watching  a group of HSMS Middle Schoolers showcase what a makerspace is AND rock at it
  • Connect with amazing educators for the #sdedchat TweetUp event, George Couros @gcouros even came

My Learning

  • Google Cardboard– I had a brief experience with this in October, but had not done any more with with it. I ordered my own Google Cardboard and fell in love! I can’t wait to tour museums and ride roller coasters! I didn’t realize how much was being ‘published’ for Virtual Reality when it comes to learning, but it is really exciting!
  • Badges & Microcredentials- This year I’ve really been struggling with Professional Development options at my school and wondering how we can make changes to this system so it is more relevant and exciting for teachers. The idea of teachers earning badges based on learning objectives is really interesting to me.
  • Gamification- WOW! This was an extraordinary session by Dan Klumper @danklumper . I left this session thinking about how I could gamify my classroom. Last year our school had separate behavior grades for students, which I loved. We don’t have that this year so I struggle with how to hold students accountable for group behavior. My idea so far is that I would like a Spartan theme (we are the Spartans) and have my students form groups for the trimester. The gamified piece of class will deal with behaviors & motivation of students.. hopefully there will be more updates on this
  • Genius Hour- Schools should be MAKING TIME for students for Genius Hour, Genius Week, Innovation Fair or whatever you want to call it. Darren Ellwein @dellwein did a short introduction to Genius Hour and then I was able to listen to a group of middle schoolers describe their learning and what they gained from having Genius Hour, it was incredible!

Bonus Thought…. I presented on EDpuzzle at TIE, my new favorite thing this year. EDpuzzle is easy to reach on Twitter with questions or suggestions and I was able to get some t-shirts from them to give away at the conference. Afterwards they reached out to me again on Twitter and I was able to schedule a Google Hangout with Quim Sabria, a co-founder of EDpuzzle. We had a great conversation about my approach to my session at TIE, as well as how the EDpuzzle team approaches training. What I love about EDpuzzle is that it is free, easy to use, and communicates with teachers about how to make the product most effective for them.

My presentation if you’re interested about EDpuzzle:
EDpuzzle, TIE 16 presentation


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