Choosing a single word to strive towards for 2016 was challenging! I have so many professional and personal goals that it was hard to choose one single word to focus on.

Sometimes when I have a goal I focus on it so much that other areas of my life don’t get as much attention. I’m also guilty of multi-tasking when I’m at school or at home. When I shifted my thinking from my goals to what would really help me be a better person (wife, teacher, friend, family member), I found my word!

Presence! As a teacher, I am guilty of checking my e-mail during class, trying to grade a few things here or there, when I could be more present with my students that are in the room at that moment. I think it would make the learning environment better for all of us.
When I’m with friends and family I’ll check my phone while we’re talking, I might scroll through Pinterest when watching a movie at home, or I’m checking Twitter while doing other things as well.

This year I will be more present with the people I am currently with, focusing my attention instead of multitasking.

20160102_140717 (2)


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